About Us
Our History

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Pink Owls Consultancy, led by Kelley Chrisholm and Kate Hewett, has more than 30 years of experience in small business start-ups, business development and executive leadership.

Together Kelley and Kate's specific expertise is best seen in the following fields:
  • Growing the Leader
  • Strategy and Execution
  • Sound Foundations for Business Practice
  • Maintaining Values in Parallel with Brand Consistency
  • Training for High Performance
  • Sustaining the Entrepreneur
Kelley and Kate are equally effective in group-facilitated training workshops, small group discussions, public speaking, or 1:1 mentoring.

Together they seek to bring all that they can to help women to both believe in AND develop their potential.

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Our Philosophy
At their core, women share many commonalities. Most are wonderful attributes – compassion, drive, generosity. But others can stop us from being all that we were made to be. We can live small. We can accept roles and responsibilities and limitations that should not be driven by gender. 

“Pink Owls” wants to navigate this path wisely. Holding onto our brilliance and letting go of our insecurities and hesitations.

“Pink Owls” listen and learn, look out for others, understand and adapt to points of difference, and step into opportunities. They are the kind of women that refuse to look back at life with regret because they know they ‘had a go’ and the world is richer because they lived.