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Co- founded a building demolition and recycling business that expanded to importing goods across Australia and establishing a local mill.

She spent a decade working in COO role for a large social enterprise nd community development organization.

She currently leads an international charity focused on helping women in the developing world establish businesses for independence and self-sufficiency.

Kelley is also a Business Improvement Leader for a training NFP in Australia helping women in small businesses.


has worked in small business, both in home experience accomodation and in a home-based wellness business.

She has built side incomes whilst working as a teacher and raising a family.

Kate is passionate about helping women build other streams of income to supplement their family wealth using digital tools and creating an online community.

She is a certified Life Coach with skills to support people with a holistic approach.

Our  Values

Courage in business is the daily decision to step up and have a go. Again. And some days, we need the kind of mad courage that ignores our deepest fears to accomplish goals that appear out of reach.

Accountability is not a dirty word. And cannot be accomplished in isolation. We need people we trust, to hold us accountable to the plans we make.

Passion applies to business as to any other part of life. It is the joy of loving what you do as you discover your skills, strengths and purpose.

Humility cannot be underestimated. It is not a statement in thinking less of oneself - but less about oneself. Looking outward and recognising that as we serve others, we discover our own purpose.

Laughter needs to fill every day, every room and every relationship. Business or personal. It reminds us of the joy in life that can be found even when things are difficult.
Our STrengths

Kelley and Kate's experience in life and business has left them with learnings that they are passionate about sharing with women of all ages, backgrounds and priorities.

As a result, they are focused on:

1. Delivering outcomes and tools for impact not knowledge "gathering".

2. Redefining goal setting and success.

3. Communicating through everyday life stories.

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