3 tips to ACT like the small business owner you want to be
If you haven’t noticed, we are all very different. No one is truly the same. And we tell our kids and our friends that difference is just brilliant.

And then, behind the scenes, we spend a lot of our time and energy comparing and judging ourselves by others. 

We read social media, listen to other people’s self-promotion and watch their children and families, imagining that their lives are perfect and their businesses thriving.

There are SO many problems with this approach to life but just for a start...

  • It creates an unrealistic pressure on what we need to achieve and create
  • It chips away at how we feel about ourselves, our homes and our businesses
  • It encourages us to either give up or misrepresent our worlds 
Each of these outcomes is a tragedy for us and those about us. 

And if everyone follows the same path then we lose the authentic honest relationships and advice that we are craving. 

So, what are the options? 

How can we avoid the kind of comparison that causes us to hide or freeze but maintain the challenge we all need to stretch ourselves and make changes as needed?

Here are 3 tips to ACT like the small business owner you want to be 

  1. Accept that we are a work in progress. We may not where we want to be in a year or even a month but we are not stuck where we were yesterday.And recognising that truth helps us to be kind and encouraging to ourselves. 
  2. Celebrate achievements. Yours and others. Someone else’s success doesn’t need to make us feel like we are less. Celebrations increase endorphins and elevate feelings of optimism and possibility. So celebrate well and often. 
  3. Talk about yourself and others with hope, expectation and belief.There are always at least 2 perspectives to any situation you are facing. But you get to choose every day, every moment, which lens you want to look through. My encouragement is to see and speak the most optimistic explanation and possibility. A change in the way you think impacts everything!
Loving small business, 


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